Our Ego Connection to the Sustainability of Mother Earth

How is our unconscious behavior shaping the future of our life on Earth?

The answer is that it is everything. The single most important factor in the creation of the present state of our planet is our individual state of being. That means that ultimately we must all sooner than later, take full responsibility for our personal and therefore collective contribution to the imbalance that we are experiencing not only in our own lives, but also in the world that surrounds us. We can no longer ALLOW for these less than optimal ways of operating to run our lives. Our everyday interactions with the outside world and our relationship that we have with our self, is demanding our attention. We all need to wake up to our individual ability to make true change and progression in the world.

 The surge of the “GREEN” movement in our society has taken off in popularity and attractiveness. Fortunately, it is no longer “alternative” to be working to save our planet. Articles and advertisements for “Green Living” run rampant. Recycling. Composting. Organic Gardening. Electric Cars. Solar Panels. Non-toxic everything! These are all brilliant contributions to assist us in taking action and responsibility for the destruction of our planet. But we know that even if we are doing some of these things or all of these things, we are still left with a space to fill within ourselves, as well as endless unanswered questions as to how we can contribute on the deepest level, to the healing of our planet and our individual selves. How can we best co-create this new vision of Love and Balance for our Mother Earth?

 WE, as individual bodies and as a collective, can innately feel the need to join together and share in this journey towards wholeness. It is easier to look the other way at times and to continue to distract ourselves from the main purpose of our human experience here on Earth. But don’t stay in those distractions for too long because if you are willing to pay attention at all, there are signs and symptoms all around you that are asking for your love and wisdom to be brought into focus. Our bodies are giving messages to us constantly if we are able to slow down, trust our intuition and ask what needs to be given attention to.

 We can all consciously choose to bring our energy and attention to our own self healing. These acts of attention towards “self” can cause a ripple effect of love and kindness outward that we may not be able to comprehend. Aim to bring love and compassion to the endless quest to the answers to the hard questions in life. Ask yourself in stillness and with an open heart, “Where is my ego limiting me from being in my wholeness, in my Truth?”…”Where am I ignoring the messages from the Universe that are brought to me?”

 In order to rise up out of our constant egoic state of being, we need to plant deep, conscious seeds of intention to release some of our “beliefs” that we hold true and to seek for the ability to see the larger Truth in every moment.

 We need to release the egos need to be “right”, to justify our choices, actions, behaviors, and responses to make us feel as though we are doing the “right thing”. When we work towards releasing the rigidity of our belief systems and what we have attached our individual “identity” to, we will unveil parts of ourselves and our planet that we have yet to fully recognize and believe possible. We must release these attachments of the ego, to these ways of knowing ourselves as “individuals” that are separate and detached from all others. The problem with us keeping our belief that we are “separate” and our need to be “right” so tightly woven into our being, is that it continually creates the barrier for us to see the perfection and the wholeness in all that exists, and most importantly within our selves. 

Our main focus can be directed to being present enough to see the Truth in every situation, every moment…To direct our intention to not only seeking, but actually seeing and feeling our Universal connectedness, instead of our egos constant drive to create competition, separateness, and segregation of our species. We can experience this firsthand in our relationships and examine the ways in which we can see some part of ourselves (a part of ourselves from our past or the present) in the other. From this point of connection and integration, we can truly work together as a collective towards the Love we desire.

 The veil of the ego is very thick and will continually find intelligent and crafty ways in the mind to keep us from the Truth in our heart and the feelings that arise within our bodies that clearly and authentically speak to us. The often repressed and denied feelings show us what it is that needs to be seen, felt, and heard by all in order for us to fully embrace and take responsibility for our current state of the world. Our feelings contain the messages from our higher self, and are communicating to us the answers to our own healing.

 Our feelings, whether they are perceived as negative or positive, all have a significant message in teaching us what we need to know about ourselves. When we allow the purging and the unfolding of the uncomfortable aspects of being incredibly vulnerable or allowing the sadness, anger, or fear that we have felt but denied for so long, to rise up and be recognized, it is the most powerful thing we can do. By not recognizing and fully feeling every aspect of ourselves, we hold ourselves back from fully evolving into the wholeness that we so innately desire. By outwardly expressing and having compassion for our ego-driven states of being as well as expressing our deep desire for giving and receiving love, we can catapult our collective to support one another in changing our “outside world” to look and feel how we truly desire it to be.

 We continuously witness how we suppress our True nature and the disrespect we have for ourselves, others and ultimately our planet. We need to be reminded over and over that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We must take the steps forward to create a balanced, loving, nurturing and honest world within ourselves first so that Mother Earth can reflect that beauty and love back to us.



‘Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he/she thinks into it.’ Ernest Holmes


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