Redefining Strength.

Redefining Strength.

Our current collective view of strength is one that is in deep need of transmutation and evolution. As the world around us evolves and changes form, we too need to continuously be open to examining our own self and allowing for new perspectives of how we see ourselves, who we want to become, and how we are expressing ourselves to the world.

Strength is often seen and felt as power or control of one’s self or one’s emotions. Our collective ideas of strength are convoluted by a wide range of images and expressions in the world. Men and women in powerful positions in society or politics exude (what many perceive as) “strength” to many, or the modern day heroes and heroines who show their strength through their physical bodies and powerful outward manifestations.

We collectively believe that being strong is denying our inner most desires and goals in order to do what we are “supposed to do” or to do “the right thing”. We are still programmed to believe that someone is strong when they are committed to a relationship “no matter what”, while continuing to not honor themselves. We often see strength in others that are “self sacrificing” and do not recognize their own needs. In order to stay in a place of strength, we often don’t ask for the help or assistance we may need when we are feeling overwhelmed. We complement others who choose to show their “strength” by appearing centered and strong in the face of incredible tragedy and pain. Is this really True strength?

These distorted and misunderstood acts and expressions of strength are often confusing when we feel into them. We perpetuate the belief about what it means to be strong by mimicking others around us who do the same. When we bring our awareness to this, we can feel that these ways of “being strong” are not in alignment with our deepest desires of wanting to be our most authentic self. Our desire to really know ourselves and feel accepted and embraced for who we are. We have lost the ability to know who we truly are and to have deep connection with our own self. We have sacrificed our self Love as a result of the fear to reveal ourselves and be viewed as ‘weak’. We have collectively become so out of touch with showing our True selves to the outside world. We are often living in denial of our True nature…that which is LOVE… the divinity that shows itself in all of our True expressions.

Strength is being vulnerable. Allowing our heart to be so open that it can feel the spectrum of Bliss and sadness at any given moment. It is showing our willingness to change and our non-attachment to who we “think” we are. Strength is taking responsibility for our actions and our words. Being honest with ourselves and our loved ones about the way we truly feel. Being in the unknown and trusting that our life path will unfold as it should. Strength is loving our self in the moments of what is seemingly never-ending darkness. Honoring our self enough to focus our awareness on what what we truly desire. It is forgiveness and compassion for ourselves. Strength is following our heart.

So how do we choose to see strength in our partners, our children, our parents, our friends and most importantly ourselves? And can we see the strength in others when they expose to us their weakness? We can consciously choose to change this old perspective of what it means to be strong (and to show strength) by first examining within ourselves what our own deep-seated beliefs are about strength. When we are still and allow the distractions around us to fade away for a few moments in our day, we can ask ourselves how we really feel about our outward expression of strength. How do I show the world that I am strong? Most importantly, is this truly in alignment with who I am and who I want to be? What can I do to change this false representation of myself so that I am honest with others and myself?

Hiding just beneath this false outward expression of strength is often our deepest fear. Fear of breaking open the illusion that we are not really as we appear to the outside world, or even to ourselves. We may lack the understanding of all that we encompass as individuals because we are so much more than what we are able to see on the surface. We all contain the depths of the Universe within ourselves: The dark and the light. The good and the bad. The feminine and the masculine. The stillness and the movement. The joy and the sadness. The opening and the closing. The strength and the weakness. Can we Love all of this?

Love holds the True power to heal. And when we embrace all of ourselves, we radiate healing and Love. We must take every opportunity in life to feel within ourselves, to reconnect with Love, to Love ourselves, because the Ultimate Strength lies within loving and honoring all parts of our Self. It is in the continuous space of vulnerability that we are open to Love. So why then are we so afraid to BE and FEEL the magical strength of Love? Because Love is the unknown. The unseen. The indescribable. The Infinite. The Divine. Love holds the Universal Wisdom. And if we are Love, we are ultimately all of these things. Let’s collectively redefine strength by opening our hearts and letting Love flow in and out. Let’s all feel the power, strength and freedom that comes with expressing and honoring everything that we are.